Saturday, June 26, 2010

Applying for jobs

Today I went job applying. I am trying desperately to get a job as a barista. I started my day by going to every coffee shop within 30 miles of my house. I was planning on just filling out applications, but it turned out all the coffee places wanted resumes. I went to the library, and quickly whipped out a (hopefully passible) resume. That is what inspired me to start a blog. Don't ask why... I really hope I can get hired somwhere good.Right now I'm woking at a horrible, greasy, disgusting, drive-in hamburger place. I know I'm lucky to have any job right now, but I can't stand another day of working there. Should I quit and hope I can find a different job? Or should I suck it up and stay where I am? My mom thinks I should play it safe and stick with this job... But if I do that I'll be miserable. If anyone is reading this... What do you think?
On the up side, I went for an excelent run today. It was sunny, but not unbearably hot. I'm hoping to increase my milage soon. Right now I'm only going two miles. I'll have to find a new trail. The one I run on now is fairly hilly the whole way, but after a mile the hills get longer... and steeper... so I usually just turn around. hehe. hmm.. I guess that's all for today.

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